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Russell Scientific Consultants help organisations throughout Ireland coordinate multidisciplinary teams to enable the operation of multi-production facilities.

Matthew Russell has over 20 years' of experience in multiple jurisdictions and has helped a wide variety of organisations bring products to market in the EU, USA and Asia.

Combining scientific background with business acumen, we are able to create, test and drive sales of company products and contribute to positive innovations in business processes.

We are passionate about utilising nutraceutical technology for health and wellbeing in humans and animals and have vast experience in technical writing, lobbying and chairing committees.

Management Consulting

We are in the position to take our clients' operations to the next level by conducting a thorough analysis of your business. Our management consulting services are

designed to support and assist clients through every step of the process and to create stability within your business.

Operations Consulting

We understand that every business is different. For every assignment we work on, an expert is specifically matched to your business based on their industry knowledge and expertise. Our experts add value to your business by identifying technological opportunities that can be used to facilitate solutions.

Quality Consulting

Our quality consulting services are driven by our team of experts who have a proven track record in supporting businesses and organisations. Suitable for all industries, Russell Scientific Consultants will carry out a thorough analysis of your business and deliver the support you need.

Health & Safety

We understand the importance of maintaining workplaces to ensure employees are safe and healthy. Our consultancy services are designed to provide clients with peace of mind and to enable them to focus on long term goals. Our team will help you discover hazards in the workplace and eliminate them.

Environmental Consultant

Preventing negative impacts on the environment is one of the most important challenges facings businesses today. An Environmental Management System helps organisations identify, manage, monitor and control their environmental issues. We will give the framework you need to manage and identify environmental impact.

Business Audit

Challenges and disruption are part of business life. Overcome complex problems and adapt to market dynamics with the help of our expert consultants. We deliver practical and valuable advice that is built on collaboration and understanding future expectations for the respected organisation.

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